Our Charitable Partners

The content that follows was originally published on the Lobsterman Triathlon website at http://www.lobstermantri.com/about/our-charitable-partners/


The Lobsterman Triathlon Foundation’s main charitable partner is the Cancer Community Center.  The Center serves adults living with cancer and their loved ones with a wide variety of free support services and programs.  All of their programs and services are offered at no charge, thanks to community members who donate time, money, and talent to make it all possible.

Our goal for 2017 is to donate $20k in donations. We are hopeful that all involved in The Lobsterman Triathlon will consider donating, volunteering or raising money for this great organization. Additionally, the race and SheJAMs have partnered to create lobsterJAM – a dedicated race within a race focused on racing money for the Cancer Community Center. We are proud to help them in their fight against cancer in the great state of Maine. Thanks to all of you for your help!